Baalbeck Folklore


Folklore : Folklore is the term universal and encompasses all traditional creativity of a people, whether primitive or civilized: Poetry, Prose, customs, legends, tales, proverbs, songs ….
Tales and legends: the long winter nights have created this kind of folklore Fbabak City Movlp in the foot with her stories and traditions, myths and temples of the Temple each myth and heroes gods and demons login … Where said one of the myths that Satan has built for Ohmodi bin Adam when Cain killed his brother Abel in 133 of the universe.
Proverbs:collection is like any other thing: hit for example, the parable of the Altmtheil metaphor and meaning bit by bit. Tell people’s everyday vocabulary and use the vernacular, colloquial style is polite.
Popular song: the heritage of the Ancient Folk types:
Song culture: دلعونا n Al Rosana, Abu Alzlow, Hawara, Jmilo, Scapa ,…( Aldlona of Aldn code name Habib) – Al Rosana (girl wise sober or sober) – Abu Alzulf (from Zlvae – pools – kindergarten) and Alataba Almejana ( the art of poetry reflects the social issues, known Alataba in Baalbek and a number of poets of Art: Rameh Mudlij – Saeed al-Atrash – rose Mubarak – Kassem Farhat – Karkala Abbas and others. Mawal Colloquial: the art of poetry, depends dialects and follow Alhalilip weights, and is held in Baalbek Zgele annual ceremony in the castle of Baalbek attended by the most important poets Zajal in Lebanon. Dabka: Dabak: hit the ground with his foot strongly, is the art of folkloric heritage includes the movements of a dancer is not limited to Baalbek, but Dabka Baalbakiya characterized by the signing of the steps and the speed of movement and strength is the most bang for the difference Baalbakiya دبكة are: Hiatal Baalbek – Glory – knights and others, and these teams evaluate the performances of the Lebanese and international .
Folk dance:
Task Karkala: Baalbek started carrying local heritage colorful contemporary technology of modern art, and the yen is a global task force opened its doors to receive the civilization of Baalbek shorten civilization of Rome.
Founder: Abdul-Halim Caracalla
Abdel-Halim Caracalla (born 1938) is a Lebanese musician Baalbeck Shiite Muslim family, and his father, the great poet Abbas Caracalla, and his mother Pedology diet. Married Juneina Mansour Karkala and has two sons, Ivan (director) and left (choreographer in the theater). Study:
Studied the artist Abdel Halim Caracalla Science Theater dancer and history in London and Paris between 1962 and 1966, also studied in Paris, also taught folklore world. Sports achievements Brighten his star in the world of sport, as it won the Lebanon championship in a game of jumping on the pole several times, have emerged in other sports Ksbag the 100 and 400 meters, and also in the high jump and long term.
Establishment of the Task Karkala
Task Caracalla founded in 1968, which included about 14 members, and began to outstanding technical innovation and integrated, looms on the horizon of Lebanon and the Arab world, inspired its theatrical dance from a distance of Bedouin in the desert, where music is coming from the fungal feet camel or horse on the sands of the desert. In 1982, sponsored by King Hussein of Jordan the late rounds by the band in Europe and America, and the patronage of King Hussein of this round been influenced by work ‘black tents’ which speaks of a nomadic lifestyle.
Awarded Artist Abdel Halim Caracalla and his band medals and culture, including: Merit Medal and the culture of the Royal Shakespeare Foundation, and the President of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and Lebanese presidents Elias Hrawi and Emile Lahoud. He was also awarded the Order of the appreciation of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and festivals Jerash and Carthage.
The work of his band

Highlighted the work of the ‘Task Force Caracalla’: 

  1. Today, a virgin and Mbarah 1972.
  2. Strange Things Strange Things wonders and wonders (1974).
  3. Tents Black (1977).
  4. Bullet light (1980).
  5. Taming the fierce (1982).
  6. Echoes (1985).
  7. Dream of a night-East (1990).
  8. ALIASAR Queen of Carthage (1995).
  9. Andalusia lost glory (1997).
  10. Night Moon (1999).
  11. Thousand and One Nights (2002).