Baalbek has benefited throughout its long history of this unique location for the station will be an important historical and religious arguing remarkable. After that the king of the Romans the region in the mid-first century BC. M.. Was created by the emperor, “Augustus” colonies of Beirut and Baalbek in 15 BC. M. . Given the importance of the city economic and religious foundations of Augustus, the draft makes a great from Baalbek interface propaganda picture emerges Azmthaoukdrtha Rome and among the traders and pilgrims who come spread the image of those at home. This was part of the state policy to consolidate control of the Romanian region.

The main results of that policy, up from the giant temples of Baalbek, which can be considered the wonders of the ancient world, especially where work has continued and some odd and three centuries of time and sequence to achieve and financed a significant number of senior Roman emperors. And then conquered by the Muslims in (16 e, 637 m) in the era of Umar ibn al-Khattab “by his commander,” Abu Obeid bin wound “may Allah be pleased with him. When he opened the” goats to the religion of the Fatimid caliph, “the city of Damascus in (361 AH, 972 CE) was appointed to” Baalbek ” and automatically by him, and remained a Fatimid year (468 AH, 1075), while income Seljuks. In the year (570 AH, in 1174) captured by Saladin, and then seized by the commander of the Mughal Katbugha year (658 AH, in 1260), and when Qutuz Sultan of Egypt defeated the Mongols in Baalbek, the same year moved to the control of the Mamluks and the Mongol commander income of Tamerlane year (803 AH, in 1400) but returned to the custody of the Mamluks, again, and remained under their rule until the year (992 AH, 1516 AD), when Sultan Selim I open the Levant. In (1344 e , 1920 AD) declared the state of “Greater Lebanon” and annexed to Baalbek.


Sheikh Habib al-Muhajir 1304-1384
Sheikh Habib bin Mohammed bin Hassan bin Ibrahim al-Muhajir Global
World Mujahid Author
Hnoih born in Jabal Amel in 1304 and grew up. Read the principles of scientific, literary, and then migrated to Najaf Vtelmz I. Sheikh Izz al-Din Ibrahim, then attended a cutting-edge research on the Sharia Sheikh and Sheikh Ali al-Isfahani jeweler and Sheikh Hussein Naini, Mr. Abu al-Hasan al-Isfahani even go out to them.
Assigned by scholars to be a guide and advocate for sharia law in the city of Amarah, Venslha and stay there for a long time and has good effects, including: 

-Founder of the magazine (Huda) in 1347, one of the leading journals sober.
-Resistance to proselytism, which attacked the eastern cities of Iraq by British colonialism, Mu’ayyad with all his strength from his religion was a lot of responses through lectures and his published research.

Returned to Lebanon in 1350 and took Baalbek, extending scientific struggle to his death.

His works include:
  1. Islam in knowledge and arts 1 3.
  2. The answer is precious on the issues of Paris.
  3. The memory of Husain (peace be upon him).
  4. Classes to talk about A Short History of Islam 1 2.
  5. Mohamed Shafie.
  6. The right approach to prove the manufacturer received material and other printed

Died October 11 in Baalbek in 1384 and moved to Najaf and was buried Sharif courtyard room No. 17.

Imam Ouzai
Lineage and his tribe:
Is Abu Amr Abdel-Rahman ibn Amr ibn al-Awzaa’i praise, “said Mohammed bin Saad: The Alooazza search of Hamdan, Al-Bukhaari in its history: Alooazza: Village Damascus if I came out of the door havens.
Birth: 88 e, 707 m
The country where he was born:
Born in (Baalbek), one of Lebanon’s cities and is located 85 kilometers east of Beirut over the top of the Bekaa Valley Heights …
The country in which he lived:
Grew up in the Bekaa, Beirut and housing.
His childhood and upbringing:
Ibn Katheer said: grew up – the Ouzai – Bekaa orphans in stone his mother, and were moving by from country to country, and started himself, it was not in the sons of kings, caliphs, merchants, ministers, and wiser than others, and Oora I do not know, nor disclosed in Ooukr not dreaming no more silence him ….
Most important features of his personality:
Large number of his knowledge and his understanding: Imam Awzaa’i is one scholar who influenced the flags in the march of Islamic jurisprudence, especially in the Levant and Andalusia …. 

His works include:
  1. Book al-Sunan in jurisprudence.
  2. Book issues in jurisprudence.
  3. Biographers.
  4. Book Musnad.

From his eternal:
– You have the effects of the self, although you refuse to people, and you and saying, although men and Zachrvoh Hassanoh, the rise and it you are with him on the straight path.
– Be patient on the year end, where an offspring, and keeping what they say about no longer, keep to what they can.
– Science is narrated from the companions of Muhammad, and did not come from them is not a flag.
– Love does not meet Ali and Othman only in the heart of the believer.
– If God wanted a people evil, they open the door and filling their argument sake of work.
– Wellness ten parts, nine of them silently, and partly to escape from the people.
He died in Beirut on Sunday, 28 Safar 157 AH, 16 January 774 AD, which is below the seventy-one year.

Callinicos Baalbaki
Champion of Lebanon, the inventor of military-style first in the seventh century, invented the so-called Greco-fire, which exported to the Romans, who used them to defend their empire against gasses, threw them on Ottoman ships, and burnt and Agrkoha, and it was the most important reasons for their steadfastness in the face of repeated attacks, Attempts to Ottoman control of the Byzantine Empire started since 652 at the time of Uthman ibn Affan and continued until fall 1453 final year of the reign of Sultan Mehmet II, the fire metaphor for the complex mixture of incendiary devices fired from a cannon (a flame launcher).
Of Shaykh Taqi al-Din Ahmad Abu Mohammed, and Abu Abbas bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Mohammed of Al-Kader El Shafei archaeological, of the signs of history, walked a long way within the limits of thought and reason. And discussed in the assets of people and assets of religions, and was familiar with the doctrines of the Book, and was of good character, Karim Prince, many of humility, Himma those who meant to achieve the science and study, a loving memory and keep your tahajjud and wird and good prayer, and more peace of mind, inherent in the home (and not to accuse Sakhaawi perfection The incidents narrated about the applicants, but historians did not count on what he said because the effects of the Sakhaawi Maqrizi he saw his science and the credit – and the son of a sheik Sakhaawi stone, saying “in Maqrizi” has superior systems and prose Raa’iq), and then it says one historian: (The Maqrizi Mtbhra in the history of the different types, and writings witness to do so, although Jahdan Sakhaawi so, it is his opinion on most objects of his contemporaries). 

Known for hot Palmqrizi rate in Baalbek Almqarzp know sailors are said to be ancestors of Baalbeck, and that his father went to Cairo, where some of the posts by the Crown, was born Maqrizi recollection is about the same after the year / 760 / e, Ibn Hajar says that the birth was in the year / 766 / e also saw the same line of Al-, and Imam Suyuti says that his birth was in / 769 / e, but his death is to be agreed, where he died in Egypt on Thursday afternoon / 16 / Ramadaan / 845 / e in Cairo and was buried on Friday before the prayer Bhouc Alsusip Albypersep.
(Maqrizi was respected statesmen of his time and were offering him the highest office was and refuses to answer once again, dear to the flag at the end of his command turned away from all aspects of life and splendor and completed the same science and the tendency to history more than any other known to him and said after his will in motion, often and shred it in his writings that exceeding the Hundred folder senior, as he says himself, rarely shred Makthar. It was my predecessor, creed, archaeological Avenue, loving mercy of God advances, tribute to their beliefs and their faith and defend it at the time of the spread of doctrines contrary. .

Sheikh Abdullah Aliui

Zahid Abid Asad al-Sham, Sheikh Abdullah bin Othman bin Jaafar Aliui.

Shikha was a long solemn brave severe case, he performed half the night to the poor, it is seen sleeping with a stick, beaten by her well-being, and carries a bow and arms, and wore Qava Besovh of goatskin, and the Promotion of Amara is not afraid to [Y: 102] kings, the present heart , is always mentioned, long known. The novelty of going out and prostrates poets Yammouneh Viruddh embassy to his mother, and then worship the Mount Lebanon, and was often invaded.
Sheikh Ali al-Kassar: I Ohabh like a lion, if Dnot him and wanted to make him harder and my heart in it.
It was said: that just came in and Sheikh ablutions, and started under Sjadth, JD returned that and said: O Abu Bakr, how I call you a wine circle in Damascus, and sells women and taken them Crdois godsend? Vobtal that It was: sat before Him holy and asked him to pray, he said: “O Jesus Do not be like your father ill-omen showed Zaghal and spoiled the people of the transaction. Recounted Sheikh Abdul Samad said: God has since served as Sheikh Abdullah, was based on what I saw and coughed and spit This translation has lengthened in the “great history” in which his dignity and sports and signs, and was not out of respect for one of God does not spare anything; his clothes, undressed, and wearing fur in the winter, this may affect them in the cold, and was probably hungry and eat the leaves. [Y: 103] said the tribe Jawzi: Sheikh brave men are indifferent to Gulwa or multiplied, and his bow eighty pounds, and missed the invaders. It was: he said to his disciple Shaykh al-Faqih: In you I got that many of the rabbis and monks to eat people’s wealth unlawfully. He died in Dhu al-Hijjah year seventeen hundred and he was fasting, has exceeded eighty years – Allah’s mercy be exalted. And his companions the hyperbole Plus, God has made everything much, and Sheikh Abu Omar for men
Sheikh oddin Global
Is Muhammad ibn Husayn ibn Abd al-Samad, known as Baha Eddin Al-Harthy Global Aljbai Hamadhani, was born in Baalbek as far as narrated by Ibn infallible in the month of Dhu Aljajp year 953 AH, which corresponds to the year 1547 AD, while going Taloy to confirm their birth Bakzumin. And later moved with his family to the lands of the Persians Mnthia Isfahan. And learning of science in institutes. Then it landed in Egypt Backpacker, Jerusalem and Aleppo. And then turned back to Isfahan, where he died in the month of October one year and thirty thousand for Migration in 1622, corresponding to AD. This according to a translation made by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Ali, the famous building was described in the poem Sheikh Bahauddin Ameli in praise of the time, Mr. Muhammad al-Mahdi (Book Akoshkol Ameli – Eastern edition printing Amra Khan Abu cap in Egypt in 1885). His remains were brought to the Tus where he was buried in the vicinity of the Imam Reza. And the title of Al-Harthy relative to the plow or custodians. And Hamadhani proportion to the tribe of Hamadan. The title is Global return to the sons of working groups (Jabal Amel in southern Lebanon) and relative to the Aljbai Jbaa sweet as distinct from Jba Chouf. Aram sale there from the effects of genius Bahaa El Din, among them a book called the most trustworthy handhold that explanation and interpretation of the straight and called into modesty and interpretation of rope called a solid set out the advantages of the Koran and bright Two Suns and the elixir of Saad, and download a footnote to the lights, and a message in the unity of existence and the key to farmers, and butter of assets, Forty and newly aware of the talk or brief message, and the whole Abbasi & Garden Crescent, and the letter Twelver and guide the nation to the provisions of the imams and garden Saalikeen. In the field of language and literature Asamadip interest in the science of Arabic rhetoric and the secrets and refinement of grammar and Almakhla and Akoshkol … Has exceeded its encyclopedic works session between the user and a letter and an article.The most significant effect in his writings, literature Infect linguistic, religious and literary to the scientific field of paramount importance, namely, mathematics, science, astronomy, including the Nord limited to: Account Summary named (Baha’i) relative to the Baha religion itself. The Sea of the account is classified a large Global did not achieve the dream that enticed him to accomplish, and a message to reparation and the interview, and dissecting the universe, and the letter in Alhatmip astrolabe (or compass) and a letter sheet or page, and a message Jhanma in the astrolabe, and a message to the achievement of the Qiblah, and summarized in the , and a message ball (the ball Engineering) …
Qusta ibn Luqa Al Baalbacke
Qusta ibn LuqaBaalbek was born in 820 and died in 912 AD. Constabulus Also known as Konstapoulos Constabulus when Westerners. Is a physicist and an interpreter belonging to the Christian Orthodox Melkite Church Orthodox Greece. Has made multiple trips to various parts of the Byzantine Empire and returned Igriqip the texts translated into Arabic.
Baalbek was born in 860 AD and grew up in Baghdad. Was a philosopher and mathematician and astronomer. Translated into Arabic books Diovantos Alexandria for reparation and book universes to the Greek astronomer Theodosius Trabelsi. He also oversaw the translation of books and see the doctor Galen wrote mechanics Heron Eskandarani and commented on Euclid. Increase in the translation into Arabic of the Greco had a special contribution in mechanics, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, natural sciences, as attributed to him more than sixty articles, including the mentioned index Ibn al-Nadim. His article, “the difference between spirit and soul” which was translated into Latin by Joannes Hispalensis John Seville, entitled “De Differentia Spiritus et Animae” and was among the few that did not work attributed to Aristotle’s error in the list of books that are recommended reading, which was prepared at the University of Arts in Paris عا 1254. Ibn al-Nadim said of him: “It is a great translator, proficient and Greco-Syriac and Arabic. Translated several books and corrected the translation a lot.” Share was accompanied by nostalgia Ben Yitzhak Abadi, a devout Nestorians who served Greek culture in the Arab civilization. They were always sparring with the Muslim astronomer Abu Yahya bin Isa mine. Ben died portion Luke Armenia in 912.
Khalil Mutran
Khalil Mutran, “Poet of the two countries” (July 1, 1872 to June 1, 1949) Poet of the Lebanese famous Egyptian. Bghosh knew the meanings and collected between Arab and foreign, as was the senior book and translation work of history, similar to Baloktal between Hafez and Shawky, and likened him to Manfaluti son Rumi. Bishop knew abundant knowledge and familiarity with literature, French and Arabic, in addition to printing and paper Msalmth which is reflected in his poems, dubbed the “Poet of the two countries” and were intended to Egypt and Lebanon, and after the death of Hafez and Shawky fired him the title “Poet of the Arab countries.” Invited the Bishop to be replaced in literature and poetry was one of the pioneers who pulled the hair of the Arab and Bedouin traditional purposes to suit the purposes of modern times, while maintaining the assets of language and expression, and enter poetry and graphic novels to Arab literature.
His life: is Bin Abdo Khalil Ben Youssef Bishop was born in the first of July 1871 in Baalbek, Lebanon, and educated at school Batrerreqip Beirut. Received guidance in the statement by the Arab Ostamah brothers Khalil and Ibrahim Al-Yazigi, also briefed on the Victor Hugo poems and other literary figures and intellectuals of Europe, migrated to the Bishop of Paris and there endeavored to study Western literature. Bishop was the sense of patriotism has participated in some national movements that have contributed to Edit the Arab world, and Archbishop of Paris moved to another station in life go to Egypt, where he served as editor of Al-Ahram newspaper for a number of years, then create a “Egyptian magazine” and then the newspaper “aspects,” The Egyptian daily, where he worked to advocate Mustafa Kamil Pasha national movement and continued to be issued over the past four years, and has translated several books. During his stay in Egypt was entrusted to him by the Egyptian Ministry of Education translated Knapp summarized in economics with the poet Hafez Ibrahim, and published a collection of poems printed in four parts in 1908, he worked on the translation of Bishop of Shakespeare’s plays and other foreign businesses, it also had an active role in promoting the National Theater in Egypt. As for his literary characteristics, the Egyptian government to hold festival in his honor attended by a large gathering of writers and thinkers, including the great writer Taha Hussein. Bishop known as one of the pioneers of the Renewal Movement, and his school in both poetry and prose, his style poetic originality and emotional honesty and musical ringtone, and as is the Bishop of Mojadidi of modern Arabic poetry, it is also of prose Mojadidi Vokrjh of ancient literary forms. Although the simulation in its infancy, the Bishop of the poets of his time for the purposes of poetry and praise of the common lament, it’s just to settle on the romantic school, which affected the French culture, as my music and Shawky Hafez verbally resonant, meant Bishop of the imagination, and influenced the new romantic school of many poets of his time, such as Ibrahim Naji, Abu Shadi and Diaspora poets and others. Bishop has seen the lives of many political events and social issues and was deeply moved and expressed a lot of them through his poems, and knew his feelings and his sense of gently higher which was reflected in his poems, which are marked by a humanitarian bent, and the nature of a share of the hair Across her in a lot of it, as described me in his hair, and made romantic ballads, from the romantic verses spoken when asked about his sweetheart said: My heart Mona Noor Al Ain, since I and I I did not want to teach people what provide that ii and service As Hadhirt acumen of us identified the The Lelei Saadi, an Indian and I thought of ii Names abound, but is labeled ii you Bishop of hair care and graphic novels, which enable its use to express the history and social life of ordinary people live, models his tales of history and imagination, introducing the events sector, in addition to the expression of social life, and was bishop of an edge in this type of hair from the other was portrayed human life through own fiction, taking into account all parts of the story. Historical of his poems: recall the poem “Bozorgmehr” Bishop than all of Hafez Ibrahim and Ahmed Shawki in his poems which dealt with social and where many of the subjects, the warrior of social corruption and moral.
The death of Bishop in Cairo in the first of June this year, in 1949 after he was seriously ill, to witness his death, Egypt has also seen its inception literature.