And Baalbeck in the face of a spring of water wide circle, famous adornment, very serenity water, Amazing Beauty between green and grove Smartened, and a mosque. And updated the part of the grand mosque golden supplemented style, and beauty of the creator, including extended breaks down on the river gravel during that promoter as a Sword enacted over the old to enter the city, and it's broken apart in their homes and destinations, and is called water Ras al-Ain.
Ibn Fadlallah age (1301 - 1349)  

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How could such city be hidden, the castle is really unbelievable, I couldn't stop my self from saying wow . Ikmal Ezzani from Malaysia

This is my first visit to Baalbeck and it wouldn't be my last for sure, I like this city and I've liked the "SHISHA" and also the food especially "SFIHA".aka  from Spain

I have a special relation with Baalbaeck city, I love the old houses with that orange roofs, You can live the history now at Baalbeck –Ere maties, Germany